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Brought to you by Susan Schmitt Winchester

Susan Schmitt Winchester is currently the Chief HR Officer at a Fortune 200 technology company with 24,000 employees worldwide. She has over 30 years of HR experience in multiple industries and has lived outside the US twice both for work and for studies. 

Her goal is to help high-achieving executives and professionals eliminate the stress, anxiety, and worry at work that hold them back from the career experience they want most.

On-Demand Video Training:




Ready to uncover what’s actually holding you back from the career experience you most desire? Start by understanding what really matters when leaders are making decisions about who to promote.

Join Susan as she unveils four secrets from the Career Success Secrets Formula in this exclusive video training. She will guide you through how to navigate your career and provide you with practical tools to better position yourself for career advancement.

In this one-hour, value-packed training, you will walk away with:

  • Discovering the Career Success Secrets Formula developed over 30 years

  • An introduction to 4 of the 6 Career Success Secrets

  • A true understanding of what really matters for leaders who make hiring and promotion decisions and how this can help you make necessary changes

  • Clarity about why your career has stalled or is not going the way you want it to go

  • Knowing what common mistakes are keeping you from career advancement (and how to fix them)

  • A practical method to receive real feedback from your manager or superiors so you can find out what you need to do to create the career experience you most desire

"The rest of your life belongs to you"

-Susan J. Schmitt

Healing at Work
Published April 2021

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